Gardenhills project 150 acres in the sixth of October city, North expansions area. The project consists of 203 buildings representing 4,176 residential units in addition to services Area consisting of Hospital, school, Sporting Club, shopping mall. The residential unit consists of two models T100 with an area of 130 and ModelT150 for an area of 200 meters/ per apartment, to be delivered to clients semi finished.

Shehab A. Mazhar:
Shehab A. Mazhar Architects is a multi- dimensional architecture, design & consultancy firm offering distinctive services, tailored to the needs of its clients.

Engineer Hussein Sabbour has individually as well as with other established the group Offices.

Type A :
Typical Floor Gross Area:130m Ground Floor Gross Area: 130m Garden: 50m

Type B:
Typical Floor Gross Area:200m Ground Floor Gross Area: 200m Garden: 50m